Burnout Quiz

Here are 10 questions to determine if you are experiencing burnout. Choose the radio button that best applies to you for each question, ranging from ”Not at All” to ”Very Often”

Please add up your scores for each question. Afterwards, check your result using a scoring table provided at the end of the survey.

Not at All: 0
Rarely: 1
Sometimes: 2
Often: 3
Very Often: 4

Please rate which one that most accurately represents your experience.

Did you add up your scores? Use this table to quickly determine your result:

Scoring Table:

0-5: Low Risk of Burnout
6-10: Mild Burnout Symptoms
11-15: Moderate Burnout Symptoms
16-20: High Risk of Burnout

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Please note that this quiz is not a substitute for professional advice. If you suspect you are experiencing burnout, it's essential to seek help and support from a healthcare professional or counsellor.

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